$20/hour - $40/hour

Small Firms

$45/hour - $75/hour

Big Firms

$80/hour - $150/hour
1) What is your current web design need?
Custom website design
Custom website re-design
2) What type of website do you want?
Informational website
Blog website
E-Commerce website
3) Custom graphic design
To custom design a unique web presence that meets your needs and taste often requires a designer to consult with you about your website preferences by discussing: colors, navigation menu, websites you like, and other elements. With this information, your designer will suggest design layouts and color themes for your new website. During this step, the designer typically focuses solely on the design of your landing page first (often the HOME page) because it is the most creative and labor and intensive. Other key factors contributing to the total cost of your custom web site design are the number of pages, and number of page layouts you select in steps #4 and #5 below. You can adjust the cost by changing the number of pages and page layouts (see below.)
4) How many different page layouts do you want?

A new page's layout is different than that of your landing page (or HOME page). Though the new page layout will be different, the new page would have the same theme of your Landing/Home page, in order to keep your site consistent. For an example, your ABOUT US or SERVICES page may have a different page layout than that of your landing page, but it would certainly still have the same color theme.
5) Select the number of pages you want to have in your website:
Example: 5
When viewers land on your HOME page, if they click on a button from your main menu or a link in your page's content that takes them to a different URL within your website, that URL would be considered a page. Common examples to consider as separate pages are the: HOME page| ABOUT US page | SERVICES page | CLIENTS' TESTIMONALS page| CONTACT US page. You can picture each of these pages as an additional door for the viewers and search engines to learn about you and your organization.
6) Programing
Programming is a necessary step to make the graphic design (in step #3, #4 and #5 above) and other features you request work consistently for you and end-users once displayed on web browsers. The cost at this step is based on the attributes you selected; you can adjust the cost figure by changing one or more of those attributes.
7) Content development --- Page content provide by:
a. Client
b. Provider

There are three types of content (text, images, and graphics) that providers will need to complete your website design optimally. You can either gather all this content for your provider to save money or have the provider produce the content for you to save time and hurdles.
Side note: If for some reason the provider you choose does not offer the services such as: content writing, logo design, banner design, etc. you can go to our Additional Services page to look for providers who specialize in these fields.
8) What kind of website do you want?
Basic Website Design (PC version only)
Mobile Responsive Website Design (for PC, Tablet, and Smartphone)
Basic website: is a site version created for desktop and laptop computer viewers. It would show on tablets and smartphones okay but will not auto reorganize its content and layouts for easy viewing on people's mobile devices. Mobile Responsive Website: is a site version designed for viewers on all devices including: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The site will detect which device a visitor is using to view your site and auto reorganize its content and layout to make itself user-friendly on that device. Side note: A majority of consumers today access the internet using their mobile devices; so, if you intend to fully connect with your target audience on their devices you should invest in a responsive website design. However, if your budget is limited and you can't afford a responsive website design, it's better to establish your web presence sooner, rather than later, and start with a basic website.
9) When do you need this project completed?
An average 5-page informational, blog, or E-Commerce website usually takes 4 to 7 weeks to custom design and program. Some providers may charge a little extra if you want them to speed up your project and complete it sooner. Please review your expected date and be clear on this with your provider to ensure the provider you choose can deliver the project on time for you. Thank you and all the best!
Additional Features:
10) Full on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google analytics integration
This is the next most important step after custom designing a professional website for your organization and bringing it online. It is the key determinant of whether search engines (, and will index your website under a correct category and location or not. It is directly related to how easily your audience can find you on the web. In addition, Google analytics integration is the best way to track visitor traffic to your website. This tool will help you measure, analyze, and adjust your marketing campaigns for effective online marketing over time. If you are serious about online marketing, Google analytics integration is the first step to optimize and track your internet marketing investment. For more information about online marketing and SEO, you can read helpful articles on these topics at this page. >>
11) Adding a Blog page
12) Photo Gallery:
13) Add a "Donation Box" feature to the site.
A donation box allows you to accept donations online 24-7. Below are two options:
a. Off site donation box which means people select the amount they want to donate on your site, but when they click on your "Donate Now" button, it directs them to a third party's secured web page to donate using a service like PayPal.
b. On site donation box where people stay on your website to donate.
14) Banner Ads:
15) Site Search Box:
If you want viewers to be able to quickly find specific information by products, services, topics, etc. you can add a site search feature onto your site. Below are a few options:
a. Site search box with up to 3 attributes
b. Site search box with up to 6 attributes
c. Site search box with up to 12 attributes.
16) Online Web Form
A web form lets you collect information from your website visitors by letting them fill out the form and submit it to you. The web form can be as simple as a Contact Us page or as complex as a Job Application Form to be filled out online. Below are a few web form options for you to choose from:
a. Simple web form. Up to 5 fill-in sections. (Ex: "Contact Us" form)
b. Complex web form. Up to 10 fill-in sections. (Ex: Order request form)
c. Extra Complex form. Up to 30 fill-in sections. (Ex: Job application form)
17) Downloadable documents right from your site:
Enable the viewers to download files directly from your site. Files in formats like:
a. PDF and Word Documents files
b. eBook files
c. Videos and Music files.
18) Enable easy YouTube embed videos.
If you want to be able to display YouTube videos and have them play right on your website, this feature will allow you to easily embed the URL of the YouTube video you like on your site so viewers can watch the video on your website.
19) User Sign-Up and Login Features.
This feature enables you to have multiple access levels into your website. There are three common access levels to a website via logging in: Admin, Manager, and User.
20) Products/Services Review Feature:
To collect customers' feedback in real time or to see how your audience responds to your product and service offers; this feature can help you get them.