CMSources is an online directory where CMS website designers can share their business information with customers from all over the world. Our Starter package allows each web design provider to create an account on our website for FREE. After a provider’s account is reviewed and verified by our staff, we will activate the account; you, as a provider, can begin benefiting from our services. CMSources is a results-driven organization. Our mission is to connect customers who need web related services to providers who offer those services. serves as a bridge to connect the two groups, and here is how we make it happen:

First, we promote HONEST, USEFUL, and INFORMATIVE articles on other trusted websites about web design, Internet marketing, and other web related services. These articles will educate and inform customers on what they should look for in a great web design provider; how they should select a qualified one; where they can go to get instant web design quotes, and more. All of our articles are educational, and aim to help customers select the right provider for their projects and budget.

Second, we provide an instant web design quote calculator, on site, to give customers an idea of what price range their web design project should be in. Our calculator has three sets of price ranges that correlate to three tiers of providers: Freelance Web Designers, Small Web Design Firms, and Large Web Design Companies. Depending on customers’ budgets and references, they will choose providers that match their needs. Customers can then contact their selected provider directly.

Third, we make it easy for customers to give reviews and feedback about their experience with the providers listed on our site. If any customers report bad experiences with any of our provider members, we will investigate it. If there is evidence proving it is true, we will approve that customer’s review and have it displayed on our site, under that provider’s account. If the negative reviews reach a certain number or percentage for a provider, we will reserve the right to close that provider’s account permanently. Our goal here is to make sure is a useful and reliable site for customers.

These are three simple processes we set up to help to connect customers who need web services from all over the world to professional web design providers. If you are a web design provider and would like to participate, please feel free to register an account with us. If you are a customer looking for web services, feel free to navigate our site to find a provider that suits your needs. If you have any suggestions about what else we can do to improve your experience on our site, we would love to hear it. Please feel free to send suggestions to: Thank You!

CMSources Team.