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    Tucson, Arizona


    (520) 293-4610


    Automatit, Inc.

    Automatit, Inc. was formed in 2000 by co-founders Christopher Baird and Dee Jay Skinner. They went into business wanting to create online applications that will automate processes for businesses. Using the term "Automation" and "IT" (Information Technology) they developed the name Automatit. During the first five years in business, Automatit, Inc. brought on a variety of clients from the travel and storage industries. In 2005, Automatit decided to make a strong push in the self storage online industry and began to tailor new services specific to the industry. A new model was formed to offer products to the self storage industry in a way that no one else has done before in a cost-effective manor for facility owners. Automatit has since then developed custom applications such as the SiteLink Web Extender and
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